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NeoThotics orthotic insoles are developed in conjunction with leading podiatrists to help support your feet and provide effective relief from foot pain, such as heel and arch pain and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  Available in three distinct variations, Pro-Flex, Pro-Expert and Pro-Silicone, meaning that no matter what your insole needs are, we've got you covered.

Comfort, Reimagined - NeoThotics Pro-Flex

NeoThotics Pro-Flex Insoles are designed for everyday comfort and support to ease foot discomfort and energize tired, aching feet. Where basic gel based insoles absorb the force of footfall impacts and disperse them, the Pro-Flex design actually gives energy back to you on every step via the Anti-Fatigue technology.  The specialist material is soft enough to cushion your foot when it lands but firm enough to remain stable.  The Pro-Flex Zone flattens when you stand on it, but pushes back as soon as weight is removed, giving back the energy it stored when it flattened.


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Foot pain isn’t normal and can be unbearable.  When you’re experiencing foot pain, it’s most likely due to misalignment and abnormal movement of the foot.How do I know if my foot is misaligned? A starting point to see if your feet are misaligned is either to look at the soles of your footwear and see if certain areas are wearing more than others or alternatively stepping on a piece of paper with a bare wet foot and seeing what impression you get. Pain is one of the leading factors for misalignment of the feet, as the body’s natural response is to avoid actions that cause pain, thus further exaggerating an incorrect position of the foot.  Some of the areas that are more common for pain to occur are the heel and the sole of the foot, as these two areas are impacted on every stride.  A misaligned foot will also put excess strain on other surrounding muscles and joints that are not routinely involved in taking extra load while walking, so although pain may subside in the foot, it can then be referred to the knee or hip area, so if your hip or knee pain is not improving after therapy your feet could be the route cause of the issue.

React, Realign, Relief: NeoThotics Pro-Expert

Our most advanced orthotic yet, NeoThotics Pro-Expert Orthotic Insoles are biomechanically engineered in conjunction with leading podiatrists in order to provide true support and effective relief from pain and underlying conditions associated with misalignment and abnormal movement of the feet.

Comfort & Support: NeoThotics Silicone

The NeoThotics Silicone Orthotic Insoles are constructed from Premium Grade Silicone for orthotic cushioning and shock absorption, combining firm support zones and soft cushion zones for support, comfort and pain relief. Medically engineered and ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearer's foot, featuring an embedded Hexagonal Tech Mesh, which strengthens the insole for maximum protection and support.

Helps With:

Pro-Expert Full Length

Pro-Expert ¾ length

Silicone Full Length

Silicone ¾ Length

Silicone Heel Cushion


Heel pain


Arch pain



Ankle instability





Achilles tendonitis


Knee pain





Back pain





Plantar fasciitis


Morton's Neuroma






Hallux Limitus





Flat Feet




Cushioning and Comfort



Relieve Pressure on Every Step




Give Energy Back on Every Step








Neo G products are designed by orthopaedic professionals and registered as Class 1 Medical Devices.


Neo G is proud to be an official worldwide partner with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


Neo G is a trusted high street brand with over 1 million supports sold and thousands of 5 star reviews.