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      These products have been selected as they are sized supports that offer additional medial and/or lateral support, whilst also helping with patella/kneecap tracking.

      The Airflow Plus Stabilised Knee Support offers stabilisation and moderate to firm compression via integrated flexible spiral metal stays. The silicone patella cushion also works to help with patella/kneecap tracking Airflow Plus products are knitted with Multi Zone Compression from a specialist breathable fabric meaning you get the support you need where you need it.

      The Rehab Xcelerator Knee Support also offers stabilisation to the knee joint but instead provides firm support. The RX stabilisation is provided by integrated flexible spiral metal stays, a silicone patella cushion and an elasticated lacing system, all working to provide a secure environment for your injured or weak ankle. You will want a firmer support at the start of your rehabilitation journey with a plan to move down a support level as your ankle improves it's strength. To that end, RX supports are constructed with embedded aloe vera and eucalyptus which work to sooth and soften skin around injured areas. You may also want a firm support such as RX if you are in the late stages of a degenerative condition, such as arthritis where the embedded aloe vera and eucalyptus will also be beneficial.

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